Latvia at war with Lithuania

April 7th, 2008 by Latvia


Last night was a historic attack on Latvian soil made by army of 50 Lithuanian citizens. A bunch of drunk and low-IQ elements crossed the border and started to demolish small town in Latvia by Lithuanian border – Skaistkalne.

Victims and eyewitnesses say people from Lithuania were breaking windows (so urla style), damaging road signs (pure monkey instinct) and even shooting guns (gas pistols, currently the only weaponry of Lithuanian Armed Forces). As the legend says, it all started because one of Latvian guys (local Chuck Norris from Skaistkalne) went to disco in Lithuanian border town Germaniškis and alone kicked ass of about twenty five village cowboys. They felt kinda unsecure and wanted revenge, so they run home to get their moms and then entered Latvia.

The Latvian government is now in state of emergency and considering either to launch massive airstrikes over Lithuania, or just nuke a small town.

Current debates are here: Latvian Delfi and Lithuanian Delfi.

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