Prices in Riga

November 12th, 2008 by Latvia


Prices in Riga and Latvia at the moment are as follows (given in Latvian Lats, 1 Lat is about 1,10 GBP or 1,50 EUR or 2 USD).

Cost of drinks:
Beer in bar: 1,5 to 2,5 Lats (one pint)
Beer in shop: 0,50 to 1 Lat (per bottle)
Cocktail in bar: around 4 lats
Tea or coffee in bar: about 1 to 2 Lats
Vodka in bar: about 1,5 to 2,5 Lats (per shot)
Vodka in shop: 3 to 5 Lats (per 0,5L bottle)
Martini Asti in shop: 6 to 7 Lats (per bottle)
Champagne in bar: 2 to 4 Lats
Champagne in shop: around 3 Lats (per bottle)

Cost of food:
Fish n chips meal in pub, restaurant: from 3 to 5 Lats
Bread in shop: 0,30 to 0,80 Lats
Milk in shop: 0,40 to 0,80 Lats
Cheese: about 3 to 7 Lats (per kg)
Cheeseburger at McDonalds: 0,50 to 1 Lat

Prices on other goods and services:
Wi-Fi one hour: 1 Lat (but there’s plenty of free spots, just walk around)
Postcards: 0,30 to 1,5 Lats
Newspapers: about 0,5 Lats
Public WC: about 0,20 Lats
Bowling: about 12 Lats (one hour)
Club entrance: 3 to 7 Lats
Public transport: 0,40 Lats (per drive)
Taxi: 3 to 5 Lats (getting around city center)
Prepaid phone card: 1 to 3 Lats (call cost per minute 0,5 to 0,20 Lats)
EEE PC: about 160 Lats (the Surf version, other brands and models about 200~250 Lats)

Prices in Riga

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