Riga from above: best photo spot

December 1st, 2008 by Latvia


If you wan to see Riga from above, you sure must visit the panoramic platform at that oldschool scyscraper of LZA (Latvijas Zinatnu Akademija – www.lza.lv – Latvian Academy of Sciences).

Enter the building via main entrance and ask the info person how can you get on 17th floor. Perhaps the tourist season is over and they will tell you to come back in spring, but you can try to insist and offer small entrance fee without taking a ticket ;) (about 3 Lats).

Now go to the elevator on right, get out from it and walk two more stories and you’re there – a fantastic view on Riga! Don’t forget warm clothes (it’s very windy) and your tripod (take amazing pictures)!

This building is right at the center of Riga, just next to Central Market.

Riga from above: best photo spot

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