Where are sexy Latvian girls?

December 3rd, 2008 by Latvia


Where have all the sexy Latvian girls gone? They’re still here! Only it’s that cold and rainy weather, and women now dress more according to needs than looks. Yes, if you were lucky enough to visit Riga in summer or spring, you must have fallen in love with almost every pretty woman that passed you by on street. This is true, here we have one of the most beautiful women in world, due to mixture of many nationalities (Latvians, Russians, Polish, Lithuanians, German, etc).

And it’s no secret, there’s a great deal of tourists who come to Riga just because looking for sexual adventures. But not all find them, except the ones who visit “titty bars” and other shady places. You need to know one thing – Latvian girls aren’t stupid or even sluts – they are just like any other woman in world, only nature has blessed us with more beauty and cursed with tons of sex-tourists or ugly staggers.

So next time you visit Riga, please be polite with our women and don’t look for a quicky – and you will see how beautiful and intelligent they really are :)

Where are sexy Latvian girls?

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  1. I am from Australia. Is there a dating agency in Riga who can introduce me to some stunning looking women. My intention is matrimony

  2. ok they are not stupid i know that…i meet two girls and drop some drugs in my drink and took all of my money and also charged from my master card….i think they are friend with taxi drivers and bar owners…just be careful guys…and i was there only for architecture not for ladies….

  3. i love latvia girl

  4. hi!
    i’m too form Latvia.
    if you want to meet beautiful Latvian girl, we’re looking at major supermarkets, because we love to shop, especially if we are beautiful, because beautiful women are always willing to look beautiful, buying the best costumes.
    hehe :)

  5. It was nice to be in Riga this summer, I realy enjey latvian food and girls. I mus say that latvia have very nice girls.

  6. I met a Latvian girl at work, she was a student part timer that only stayed for a few months but was she ever cute. Was studying hotel management. Hard working girl, knew what she was doing.

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