Intars Busulis is winner of Latvian Eurovision

February 28th, 2009 by Latvia


The winner of Latvian Eurovision is Intars Busulis, a young man on the wave of his fame in Latvia. You can listen to his songs online here.

The finale of Eurovision in Latvia took place in Ventspils, and this evening among ten finalists Intars Busulis won most of the jury and people’s support.

He will sing a song “Sastrēgums” (“Traffic Jam”) – yes, that means a guy singing in Latvian language in the middle of Russia, on scene in Moscow. How cool is that?

UPDATE: it turns out, that he won’t be singing in Latvian – instead they will perform the russian version of this song. You can hear it here: Intars Busulis – “Пробка”

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Intars Busulis is winner of Latvian Eurovision

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