Latvia is one of the three Baltic States, it has population of about two million, the capital city is Riga, and it has land borders with Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. If you have no idea where that is, well, it’s somewhere by the Baltic sea, between Poland and Finland ;) See maps of Latvia.

Official language in Latvia is latvian. It’s not russian, not even similar. But there are lot of russian speaking people in Latvia, that’s why the mistaken suggestion that “all latvians speak russian” or “latvians are russians”. Only similar language to latvian is lithuanian, our neighbors.

Latvia is nice country, lots has changed to good here since USSR empire collapsed and Latvia got back its freedom. So, hey, why don’t you plan your next vacation or weekend here!

Interesting facts about Latvia

Short information about Latvia so you become an expert! ;)

History of Latvia

We had a rough history. No, seriously – for hundreds of years under German rule, then Polish knights, then again German, then Swedish kings, then Russian empire, but then, for a short period in 20th century, we finally gained independence, but then again Soviet Russia occupied Latvia in 1940s, and only since 1990s we’re a free nation again, when the monster of USSR fell apart.

So by this point you’ve already realized that Latvia is an independent land, with it’s own culture, language and territory where ancient latvians were living many year BC and long before any kings or foreign soldiers marched here.

Statistics, Numbers

Capital city: Riga (Rīga)
Official language: Latvian
Population: about 2 million
Borders: Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and some waters with Sweden.
Economics: real estate boom, lots of expensive new cars, unprofessional politicians..
European Union: Latvia joined in 2004
Calling code: +371

Interesting Facts

– Did you know that Latvians joke about Lithuanians calling them “horseheads”? Don’t worry, Lithuanians call us the same.
– Latvians think the Estonians are verrrrrry slow. Estonians think the same about us. Who’s right? Well, Estonia is way ahead of us in foreign policy, technologies and economical situation..
– The coolest gadget of 20th century, the spy photocam Minox was invented in Latvia.
– Some good NHL players from Latvia: Irbe, Skrastins, Balderis, Ozolins.
– The highest point in Latvia is 312m hill named Gaizinkalns. I know, i know..
– If taken from Scandinavian side of Baltic Sea, we got the biggest city: Tallinn, Oslo and Helsinki are just small villages compared to Riga. Hell yeah! Um, OK, Stockholm has a bit more folks living there..
– We don’t have gold and diamond mines, but we have amber and wood anywhere. Literally everywhere.
– The story goes that first decorated Christmas tree comes from Latvia. Some guy, Martin Luther, did it first time in year 1510. Take that, Europe!

Weather Conditions

Summer is with sun and rain mixed. If lucky, mostly warm summers.
Spring and autumn mostly with rains, clouds (imagine Ireland in summer..).
Winters with snow, frozen rivers and lakes (sometimes sea too), sometimes with rain and mud falling from sky (or vice versa..).
See current weather conditins on Latvia here.

Latvia on Map

Where to hell is Latvia?.. Umm, it’s in the Baltic States. Haven’t heard?.. Check out “Latvia Maps” section!