Maps of Latvia

Maps to help you browse Latvian streets, places and cities.
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Where is Latvia on map?
First, we’re in Europe. Second – we’re not (in) Russia :) We’re situated in the middle of Baltic states – Lithuania and Estonia, but generally speaking (the ones who have no knowledge of political geography, shame on you!), Latvia is somewhere between Poland and Finland!

Latvia Map
(map image from Google Maps)

Vietas tourist map:
This interactive map is perfect for searching sightseeing objects and other places for tourist activities. Try it! Tip: his is a good leisure and tourist map!

Interactive map
(image from Vietas Latvia map)

1188 map:
Browse map of Riga at portal, search location by address, street view, and more:
Tip: this is a good business map!

Map of Riga
(image from 1188 Latvia map)

ZL Hotline map:
Browse maps of Riga (streets) and Latvia at portal, search location by address or company name:
Tip: this is a good street map!
(image from ZL Latvia map)

Printed maps by Jāņa Sēta:
Buy these detailed maps in any bookstore, groceries shop, or any gas station.
They’re available for a whole teritory of Latvia or get specialized maps by city or district you’re going to.
Visit also Latvian maps publisher’s website Jāņa Sēta –

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