Flight deals to Riga, Latvia

Thursday January 12th, 2012 in Latvia | Comments Off on Flight deals to Riga, Latvia

Aviobiļetes is a travel blog dedicated to cheap flight tickets to Riga.

If you’re coming to Riga and searching for flight deals, check out the site, maybe some deals will be right for you!

The site is in Latvian, but you can use Google translate, or just browse around and pretty understand what fares are offered.

Riga International Airport has increase in passengers every year, thanks to tourists coming to Riga and other Latvian places.

Thanks for visiting us!

UFO landing in Riga International Airport? No, but..

Wednesday December 1st, 2010 in Latvia | No Comments »

Ever seen UFO? No? Well here it is if you wish – an UFO landing on runway at Riga International Airport.

OK, not really – this is just an image distorted by autofocus of digital camera. Just a simple demonstration how sometimes people misinterpret facts, and come up with sensational bogus stuff :) You can do a lot of planespotting on both sides of RIX, check out Google maps!


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