Which coastal places to visit in Latvia

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If you love sea and beaches, Latvia is first place to come in Baltic states :) Our coast is an endless beach almost 500 km long. Here’s an idea for a trip along Latvian coast line. If you land by plane in Riga, best place to start your trip would be Ainaži (125km from Riga to North, couple hours with bus, less than 2 hours with car). And now you would head back all along the coast.

Latvia coast

These would be recommended stops:

Ainaži (start) – pier as a border between Latvia and Estonia, meadows next to sea, small city.

Salacgrīva – a quick walk around the town, nothing much to see here, couple medium sized shopping centers, cafes.

Tuja – small village, but lots to see, old brick factory, cafes, campings (RV/caravan friendly, showers, etc), old pier, small caves (and yes, i live there, just drop me a message when advice needed or just to say hi: @helmuts).

Saulkrasti – small city stretching along coast, walk around, eat, shop groceries, better rent a bike, kite boarding, ski doo.

Vecāķi and/or Jūrmala (both beaches are similar, Jurmala just has lots of more people and shops) – walk, cafes, shop (in Jurmala), nude beach (in Vecaki) – watch the map, they’re on opposite sides of river Daugava, better use GPS navigation to get to Vecaki, or follow signs to Jurmala after you’re through Riga.

Engure / Mērsrags / Roja – small towns nex to sea, quick pit stops, buy and eat fish, try some deviations off the main road, maybe something interesting for you.

Kolka (Kolkas rags) – where the two seas meet, small village, lots of folks, park and walk, interesting place.

Ventspils – city with lots of cafes, hotels, restaurants, water park, lots to do here, you decide.

Jūrkalne / Pāvilosta – stop at Jūrkalne, enjoy the view on sea from high shore, eat, stay with tent; Pavilosta has tourist info center and something to see/eat.

Liepāja – city with lots again to see, eat, drive around, Soviet military objects and bunkers (“Ziemeļu forti”,”Karosta”), i recommend to stay in Fontaine Royal hotel; search for small amber pieces along the coast (better in wilder places out of cities, but beware of phosphorus).

Pape (Rucava) (finish) – nature park next to sea, birds, wild horses, animals.

Remember, you can always stop via this route if you see something interesting or worth the snapshot, Latvia is safe country! Don’t hesitate to wander off and on the highway, just pay attention to road signs where you can and can’t park.

Best time to visit Latvian beaches is June, July, August, the water temperature will be fine to swim.

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Flight deals to Riga, Latvia

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